FPM 100


The FPM100 Digital Multifunction Meter is our latest offer for the low-cost digital power/energy metering market. Housed in a standard DIN form factor measuring 96x96x88mm, it is perfectly suited for industrial, commercial and utility applications. The FPM100 features quality construction, multifunction true RMS measurements and a large, backlit, 7-segmant LCD. Compliance with the IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5S Standard, it is a cost effective replacement for analog instrumentation that is capable of displaying 3-phase measurements at once. It optionally provides four Digital Inputs for status monitoring, two Relay Outputs for control and alarm applications. The standard RS-485 port and Modbus RTU protocol support makes the FPM100 a smart metering component of an intelligent, multifunction monitoring solution for any Energy Management System.

Typical Applications

Industrial, Commercial and Utility Substation Metering

Building, Factory and Process Automation

Sub-metering and Cost Allocation

Energy Management and Power Quality Monitoring

Features Summary

Multifunction True RMS Measurements

VLN, VLL per phase and Average

Current per phase and Average with calculated Neutral Current

kW, kvar, kVA, PF per phase and Total

kWh, kvarh Import / Export / Net / Total and kVAh Total


Device Operating Time (Running Hours)

Optional DI Pulse Counters

Enhanced Measurements

U and I THD, TOHD, TEHD and Individual Harmonics up to 31st

Current TDD, TDD Odd, TDD Even, K-Factor and Crest Factor

U and I Unbalance and Phase Angles

Displacement PF

Fundamental U, I and kW per phase

Total Fundamental kW & Total Harmonic kW

U and I Symmetrical Components

kvarh Q1-Q4

Demands, Predicted Demands and Peak Demands for kW/kvar/kVA Total and per phase Current with Timestamp for This Month (or Since Last Reset) and Last Month (or Before Last Reset)

Ease of use

Large, backlit LCD display with wide viewing angle

Intuitive user interface

LED indicators for Energy Pulsing and Communication activities

Password-protected setup via front panel or free PMC Setup software

Easy installation with mounting clips, no tools required


9 user programmable setpoints with extensive list of monitoring parameters including Voltage, Current, Power, THD, … etc.

Configurable thresholds, time delays and DO triggers


100 events time-stamped to ±1ms resolution

Setup changes, Setpoint and DI status changes and DO operations

Max/Min Log

Max/Min Log with Timestamp for real-time measurements such as Voltage, Current, In, Freq., kW, kvar, kVA, PF, Unbalance, K-factor, Crest Factor and THD.

Configurable for This Month/Last Month or Before/Since Last Reset


Frequency Out-of-Range, Loss of Voltage / Current

kW Direction per phase and Total, Possible incorrect CT Polarity

Incorrect U & I Phase Sequence


Optically isolated RS485 port at max. 38,400 bps

Standard Modbus RTU support

Real-time clock

Battery-backed Real-Time Clock with 25ppm accuracy (<2s per day)

System Integration

Supported by most FMCS, SCADA, iEMS and iEEM in the marketplace

Easy integration into other Automation, SCADA or BMS systems via Modbus RTU

Inputs and Outputs

Digital Inputs (Optional)

4 channels, volts free dry contact, 24VDC internally wetted

1000Hz sampling for status monitoring with programmable debounce

Pulse counting with programmable weight for each channel for collecting WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) information

Digital Outputs (Optional)

2 Form A mechanical relays for alarming and general purpose control

5A @ 250VAC or 30VDC


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