The 7800 is our Advanced PQ Analyzer designed for the compliance monitoring market as it offers un-surpassed functionality by combining Class 0.2S accuracy and advanced PQ features in a 192x192x182.4mm housing with a High-Resolution, Color Dot-Matrix LCD display. The 7800 complies with such standards as IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S, IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3 Class A Compliant, IEC 61000-4-15, IEC 61000-4-7, EN50160 as well as IEC 61850 for Substation Automation. Further, it offers a large logging capacity with 8GB of on-board memory, extensive I/O, multiple Time Sync. methods, 2x100BaseT Ethernet and 2xRS-485 ports. In addition, it optionally provides 2xAO and 1xAI for different applications. These features likely make the 7800 one of the most advanced PQ Analyzer for an intelligent Power Quality Monitoring System.

Typical Applications

PQ monitoring at HV, MV and LV Utility Substations

Data Centers, Semiconductor Fabs, Heavy Industries

7x24 Automated Manufacturing Facilities

Dips, Swells, Interruptions, Transients, Flickers and

Harmonics Monitoring

Mains and Critical Feeder Monitoring

IEC 61850 support for Substation Automation and Smart Grid

Retrofit applications with Split-Core Current Probe (SCCP)

Basic Features

▪ IEC 62053-22 Class 0.2S kWh metering with Multi-Tariff TOU

▪ True RMS @ 1024 samples/cycle sampling

▪ 8GB on-board log memory

▪ 7'' High-Resolution Color Dot-Matrix Display @ 800x480

▪ Time Sync. via SNTP, IEEE 1588 (PTP), IRIG-B or GPS 1PPS output

▪ 256 Standard Setpoints and 16 High-Speed Setpoints

▪ Dual 100BaseT Ethernet and 2 RS-485 Ports

Front Panel and Web Display

▪ True RMS Real-time, Harmonics, Power and Energy Measurements

▪ Demands and Multi-Tariff TOU

▪ Max. & Min. Logs

▪ Sequence & Unbalance

▪ Real-time WF Capture of 3-phase Voltages and Currents

▪ Event Waveforms and ITIC/SEMI F47 Curves

▪ Harmonics & Interharmonics Histogram and Phasor Diagrams

▪ Device and SOE Logs, PQ Counters and I/O Status

▪ Device Configuration and Diagnostics

Power Quality Features

PQ Parameters as per IEC 61000-4-30 Ed. 3 Compliant

▪ Power Frequency

▪ Magnitude of the Supply Voltage and Current

▪ Flicker

▪ Transients, Dips/Swells and Interruptions

▪ Supply Voltage Unbalance and Current Unbalance

▪ Mains Signaling Voltage on the Supply Voltage

▪ Rapid Voltage Changes

▪ Measurement of Over and Under Deviation parameters

▪ Harmonics and Interharmonics Measurements for Voltage and Current

▪ 2 to 150kHz Conducted Emission Measurements

Harmonic and Interharmonic Measurements

▪ K-Factor for Current, Crest Factor for Current and Voltage


▪ U and I Individual Harmonics (%HD and RMS) from 2nd to 63rd #

▪ U and I Individual Interharmonics (%IHD and RMS) from 1st to 63rd #

▪ Total Harmonic P, Q, S and PF

▪ Harmonic P, Q, S and PF from 2nd to 63rd in RMS

▪ Harmonic Phase Angle from 2nd to 63rd #

▪ U and I DC Components

▪ Total Harmonic kWh, kvarh Import/Export/Net/Total

▪ Total Harmonic kWh, kvarh Import/Export from 2nd to 63rd

Conducted Emissions in the 2-150kHz range

▪ Real-time amplitude (150/180-Cycle) and the Max., Min., Avg. and CP95 (in 1-minute interval) for a total of 106 frequency segments for the 2-9kHz and 9-150kHz range are available via the Web Interface

Sequence and Unbalance

▪ Zero, Positive and Negative Sequence Components

▪ U and I Unbalance based on Zero and Negative Sequence Components

Dips, Swells, Interruptions and Transients Recording

▪ Transients capture as short as 20us at 1024 samples @ 50Hz for sub-cycle disturbance such as capacitor switching and resonance phenomena

▪ Dips, Swells & Interruptions detection @10ms (1⁄2 cycle at 50Hz)

▪ Trigger for DO, WF Recording, Disturbance Waveform Recording, RMS Recording and Alarm Email

▪ Display of ITIC or SEMI F47 plot as well as the Event Waveform on the Front Panel and Web Interface

Rapid Voltage Changes (RVC)

▪ Detection of a quick transition in RMS voltage between two steady- states Voltage conditions

Inrush Current Monitoring

▪ Monitoring of the 1⁄2 cycle RMS Current and capturing of the Current waveforms associated with events such as motor starting and transformer being energized

Disturbance Direction Indicator

▪ Determine if a Dip Event is located upstream or downstream

▪ Pinpoint if the cause of the event is external or internal

Real-Time Waveform Capture (WFC) and Waveform Recorder (WFR)

▪ Real-time WFC @ 128 samples/cycle x 4 cycles via Front Panel and Web Interface

▪ WFR with maximum 128 entries

▪ Simultaneous capture of 3-phase Voltage and Current Inputs

▪ No. of Cycles x Samples/Cycles with programmable pre-fault cycles: 375x1024, 750x512, 1500x256, 3000x128

▪ Scheduled WFR with maximum repetition of 10,000 times and programmable schedule from 1 to 1440 mins

▪ COMTRADE file format, downloadable from the on-board Web Server or FTP Server

Disturbance Waveform Recorder (DWR)

▪ 128 entries

▪ Simultaneous recording of all Voltage (U1-U4) and Current (I1-I5) Inputs

· Initial Fault: 35 cycles @ 512 samples/cycle

· Extended Fault: Up to 150 cycles @ 16 samples/cycle

· Steady State: Up to 360s of 1-cycle absolute peak values

· Post Fault: 15 cycles @ 512 samples/cycle

RMS Recorder (RMSR)

▪ 128 entries

▪ 8 parameters maximum, selectable U, I, P, Q, S, PF, Frequency, Freq. Deviation

▪ Recording Interval from 0.5 to 60 cycles

▪ Recording Depth @ 7200 samples per parameter

▪ Configurable pre-fault samples from 100 to 500

▪ 72 seconds of 1⁄2 cycle RMS recording @ 50Hz or 60 seconds @ 60Hz

PQ Event Counters

▪ Dips, Swells, Interruptions, Transients, Rapid Voltage Changes, Inrush Current, Mains Signalling Voltages and Total PQ Event Counters


Basic Measurements (1-second update)

▪ 3-phase U, I, P, Q, S and PF as well as U4, I4 and I5

▪ kWh, kvarh Import/Export/Net/Total and kVAh Total

▪ Frequency

High-Speed Measurements

▪ 3-phase U, I, P, Q, S and PF as well as U4, I4 and I5 @ 1⁄2 cycle

▪ Frequency @ 1 cycle


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