The 7360 is our latest offer for the Power Quality Monitoring of Main Incoming and Critical Feeders for Utilities, Data Centers, High-Tech Manufacturing Facilities and Heavy Industries. Housed in an industry-standard DIN form factor measuring 96x96x119.5mm, the 7360’s compact size is perfectly suited for today’s space restricting environment. The 7360 features quality construction with metal enclosure, advanced Power Quality and Revenue-Accurate measurements, high-resolution Waveform Recording capabilities, comprehensive Data Logging with 1GB memory, extensive I/O and a user friendly, IPS Color Dot-Matrix Display @ 320x240. It also provides either an I4 Input for Neutral Current measurement or a 0/4-20mA Analog Input for measuring external transducer signal such as Residual or Leakage Current. With a standard 100BaseT Ethernet Port and a RS-485 port supporting multiple protocols, the 7360 becomes a vital component of an intelligent Power Quality Monitoring System.

Typical Applications

Class 0.2S Revenue Metering

Power Quality Monitoring of Main Incoming or

Critical Feeder

Utility, Industrial and Commercial Metering

Substation, Building and Factory Automation

Low, Medium and High Voltage applications

Neutral (I4) and Residual Current (Ir) Monitoring


Basic Measurements (1 second update)

▪ 3-phase U, I, Neutral-Earth Voltage (Ung), and Power measurements

▪ Neutral Current (I4), Calculated Residual Current (Ir) and Frequency

▪ kWh, kvarh Import/Export/Net/Total, kVAh Total and kvarh Q1-Q4

▪ Interval Energy

▪ Voltage and Current Phase Angles

▪ Device Operating Time (Running Hours)

▪ DI Pulse Counters

▪ Optional AI measurement

High-Speed Measurements

▪ 3-phase U, I, Neutral Current (I4), Power and PF @ 1 cycle

Front Panel and Web Dispiay

▪ True RMS Real-time, Harmonics, Power and Energy Measurements

▪ Demands and Multi-Tariff TOU

▪ Max. & Min. Logs

▪ Sequence & Unbalance

▪ Real-time WF Capture of 3-phase U & I

▪ Event Waveforms and ITIC/SEMI F47 Curves

▪ Harmonics Histogram and Phasor Diagrams

▪ SOE Logs, PQ Logs & Counters and I/O Status

▪ Device Configuration and Diagnostics

Power Quality Features

▪ IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3 Class S Compliance and EN50160 Report

▪ Waveform Recording (WFR & DWR) in COMTRADE format

▪ Fundamental U, I, I4, P, Q, S and Displacement PF

▪ U and I Unbalance, Sequence Components, Voltage and Freq. Deviation

▪ THD, TOHD, TEHD, Crest-Factor, K-Factor and TDD

▪ Individual Harmonics up to 63rd

▪ Dips, Swells, Interruptions Detection and Transients Capture

▪ Disturbance Direction Indicator


▪ Present and Predicted Demands for 3-phase U, I, P, Q, S, PF, as well as I4, Frequency, U and I Unbalance and THD

▪ Max. Demands with Timestamp for Ull, Uln & Current per phase and average as well as Power of This Month and Last Month (or Since Last Reset and Before Last Reset)

▪ Max./Min. values per Demand Interval

▪ Demand synchronization with DI

Ease of use

▪ Large, backlit, Color Dot-Matrix IPS display with wide viewing angle

▪ Password protected setup via Front Panel and on-board Web Server

▪ Easy installation with mounting slide bar, no tools required


▪ 16 Standard (1s) and 8 High-Speed (1 cycle) Setpoints

▪ Extensive monitoring sources including U, I, P, Q, S, PF, Current Demands, THD, Unbalance, Sequence Components, Phase Loss/Reversal, etc.

▪ Configurable thresholds and time delays

▪ 6 Logical Modules supporting AND/OR/NAND/NOR operations

▪ SOE, WFR, DWR, Data Recorder, DO and Email Alarm trigger

Multi-Tariff Tou

▪ Two independent sets of TOU Schedules

· Up to 12 Seasons

· 90 Holidays or Alternate Days

· 20 Daily Profiles, each with 12 Periods at min. 15-min interval

· 8 Tariffs, each providing kWh/kvarh Import/Export and kVAh

▪ Switching between two TOU schedules according to pre-programmed time and logged as an SOE event

Real-Time Clock

▪ Battery-backed Real-time clock with 6ppm accuracy (<0.5s per day)

▪ Time Sync. via Modbus RTU/TCP, SNTP, GPS and IRIG-B.

Data and Event Recorders

Non-Volatile Log Memory

▪ 1GB on-board memory

Real-Time Waveform Capture (WFC) and Waveform Recorder (WFR)

▪ Real-time WFC @128 samples/cycle x 4 cycles, Event Waveforms and ITIC/SEMI F47 Curves via Front Panel and Web Interface

▪ WFR with 128 entries

▪ Simultaneous capture of 3-phase Voltage and Current Inputs

▪ Programmable formats and pre-fault cycles from 256x20 to 16x320

▪ Support FIFO Recording Mode

▪ Scheduled WFR with max. repetition of 10000 times and programmable schedule from 1 to 960 hours

▪ COMTRADE file format, downloadable from the on-board Web/FTP Server

Disturbance Waveform Recording (DWR)

▪ 128 entries

▪ Simultaneous recording of 3-Phase Voltage and Current Inputs

· Initial Fault: 35 cycles @ 256 samples/cycle

· Extended Fault: Up to 150 cycles @ 16 samples/cycle

· Steady State: Up to 360 seconds of 1-cycle absolute peak values

· Post Fault: 15 cycles @ 256 samples/cycle


▪ 512 events time-stamped to ±1ms resolution

▪ Setup changes, Setpoint events and I/O operations

Max./Min. Recorder (MMR)

▪ Logging of Max./Min. values for measurements such as Voltage, Current, Frequency, P, Q, S, PF, Unbalance, K-Factor and THD with Timestamp for This Month and Last Month (or Since Last Reset and Before Last Reset)

Data Recorder (DR) Log

▪ 28 Standard DR Logs and 4 High-Speed DR Logs

▪ Recording Interval from 1s to 40 days for Standard DR Log and 1 to 60 cycles for High-Speed DR Log

▪ Up to 16 parameters for each DR Log with programmable sources including most Real-time measurements, Demands, Energy, Harmonics, Unbalance

▪ Configurable Depth and Recording Offset

▪ Support FIFO or Stop-When-Full Recording Mode

▪ BEC 2018 Compliant Data Recording for 3 years at 15-minute interval

Interval Energy Recorder (IER)

▪ Support recording of kWh/kvarh Import/Export and kVAh Total

▪ Programmable Recording Interval from 1min to 65535 mins

▪ Max. Recording Depth @ 65535 records

▪ Support FIFO or Stop-When-Full Recording Mode

PQ Log

▪ 512 entries time-stamped to ±1ms resolution

▪ Dips, Swells, Interruptions and Transients detection

PQ Event Counters

▪ Dips, Swells, Interruptions, Transients, and Total PQ Event Counters

Inputs and Outputs

Digital Inputs

▪ 6 channels, volts free dry contact, 24VDC internally wetted

▪ 1000Hz sampling for status monitoring with programmable debounce

▪ Pulse counting with programmable weight for each channel for collecting WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) information

▪ Demand Synchronization

▪ Tariff switching based on DI status

Digital Outputs

▪ Up to 3 channels Form A Mechanical Relays for alarming and control

▪ 5A @250VAC/30VDC

Analog Input (Optional)

▪ 0/4-20mA DC input with programmable zero and full scales

▪ Can be used to measure external transducer signal such as Residual or Leakage Current


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