The 7200 Multifunction Meter is our latest offer for the low-cost digital power/energy metering market. Housed in a standard DIN form factor measuring 96x96x88mm, it is perfectly suited for industrial, commercial and utility applications. The 7200 features quality construction, multifunction true RMS measurements and a large, backlit, 7-segmant LCD. Compliance with the IEC 62053-22 Class 0.5S Standard, it is a cost effective replacement for analog instrumentation that is capable of displaying 3-phase measurements at once. It provides four Digital Inputs for status monitoring, two Relay Outputs for control and alarm applications. The standard RS-485 port and Modbus RTU protocol support makes the 7200 a smart metering component of an intelligent, multifunction monitoring solution for any Energy Management System.

Typical Application


Multifunction True RMS Measurements

▪ ULN, ULL per Phase and Average

▪ Current per Phase and Average with calculated Neutral Current

▪ kW, kvar, kVA, PF per Phase and Total

▪ kWh, kvarh Import / Export / Net / Total and kVAh Total

▪ Frequency

▪ Device Operating Time (Running Hours)

▪ DI Pulse Counters

Enhanced Measurements

▪ U and I THD, TOHD, TEHD and Individual Harmonics up to 31st

▪ Current TDD, TDD Odd, TDD Even, K-Factor and Crest Factor

▪ U and I Unbalance and Phase Angles

▪ Displacement PF

▪ Fundamental U, I and kW per Phase

▪ Total Fundamental kW & Total Harmonic kW

▪ U and I Symmetrical Components

▪ kvarh Q1-Q4

▪ Present, Predicted Demands and Max. Demands for kW/kvar/kVA Total and per Phase Current with Timestamp for This Month & Last Month (or Since Last Reset & Before Last Reset)

Max./Min. Log

▪ Max./Min. Log with Timestamp for Real-time measurements such as Voltage, Current, In, Freq., kW, kvar, kVA, PF, Unbalance, K- Factor, Crest Factor and THD

▪ Configurable for This Month & Last Month (or Since Last Reset & Before Last Reset)


▪ 100 events time-stamped to ±1ms resolution

▪ Setup changes, Setpoint and DI status changes and DO operations

Real-Time Clock

▪ Battery-backed Real-time Clock with 25ppm accuracy (<2s per day)

Ease of Use

▪ Large, backlit LCD display with wide viewing angle

▪ Intuitive user interface

▪ LED indicators for Energy Pulsing and Communication activities

▪ Password protected setup via Front Panel

▪ Easy installation with mounting clips, no tools required


▪ 9 user programmable setpoints with extensive list of monitoring parameters including Voltage, Current, Power, THD, etc.

▪ Configurable thresholds, time delays and DO triggers

Digital Inputs

▪ 4 channels, volt free dry contact, 24VDC internally wetted

▪ 1000Hz sampling for status monitoring with programmable debounce

▪ Pulse counting with programmable weight for each channel for collecting WAGES (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) information

Digital Outputs

▪ 2 Form A mechanical relays for alarming and general purpose control

▪ 5A @ 250VAC or 30VDC


▪ Optically isolated RS-485 port at max. 38,400 bps

▪ Standard Modbus RTU support


▪ Frequency Out-of-Range, Loss of U / I

▪ kW Direction per Phase and Total, Possible Incorrect CT Polarity

▪ Incorrect U & I Phase Sequence

System Integration

▪ Easy integration into other Automation, SCADA or BMS systems via Modbus RTU

UL Listed


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